(The eagle represents prophetic vision. Revelations 4:7)

To blow the trumpet and to proclaim the Good News to both the Gentiles and the Jews.

To send the message of Jesus Christ on wings of eagles to the ends of the earth until everyone has heard. To bring the end-time harvest in.

To share the Gospel of Salvation with every kindred and every nation.

To tell people everywhere to get ready and prepare for the soon return of Jesus Christ as Lord and King.

In these last days God has chosen a new way to make His message known. He is sending it in the form of a poem, easy to read and understand for everyone, both old and young. He has also chosen this form of communication to speak to us through the poetry prophetically. God has called us to be fishers of men.(Matthew 4: 19, And he saith unto them, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.) He called us to thrust out our boat to bring in a load of hungry souls. The vessel is our website; the fishing ground is the internet; the sea of humanity the world wide web. Our bait is the rod are verses filled with the Love of God. 

In these poems you will find words that are true and words that are kind.. You will find joy and peace of mind. You will find out that God has a wonderful plan for your life.It is my prayer that you will receive a
special touch from His great Love!



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