In the year 2005 the Lord started to give prophecies to the body of Christ concerning the “Scribal Anointing” a term exclusively given to Prophetess Theresa Harvard Johnson, President of Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International.

Following are some excerpts from her Words given to the body of Christ.

“The Lord is saying this is the year to break forth and release the creative word He has placed in the belly of many in the body of Christ.” This is the year to release the ready writer…the Lord defines the scribal anointing as the God driven gift, passion or desire of man to spread the gospel through writing His Inspired Word with biblical accuracy and soundness of doctrine…these words are going forth and bombarding the principalities of the airways.

“There are many in the body of Christ full of prose, poetry and inspirational writing that will transform the lives of my people,……I have appointed them as secret weapons in these last days and I am unleashing them to deliver repentance and salvation to my people…..They will rise – the least, the unknown, the remnant, the faceless and the nameless, to take their rightful place in the body of Christ- boldly…”….The scribal anointing is upon them…and he has anointed them and qualified them by the hand of His pen – to preach the Gospel.. to set the captives free and open the prison of them who are bound.”

I have received many Words during the years serving with Aglow, Intl. , that confirmed a prophetic gifting but there are only a few that relate to this specific anointing. Here are excerpts from these prophecies:

In 1995 I received a Word saying: ”Have I not said, that I would put words in your mouth and a pen in your hand.”

On 1/13/ 1997 I received a Word by Pastor Ramos, saying, quote……”as I am teaching you to declare my Word with authority and joy, I will cause your words to travel, I will cause your words to go abroad. I will cause your words to go forth like the prophets of old and they shall accomplish that which I send them to do…therefore be confident, trust me, and declare for me. For you are my trumpet says the Lord, you are my trumpet…”

In 2002 it was confirmed, through a Word from the Lord, that I was going to write.
On April 2, 2006 I received a prophecy from Fred and Wilma Berry, missionaries from Africa, declaring that God had called me a emissary to the nations,  representing the Kingdom of God.

Little did I know that the Lord would give me my own website and       that the poems God would give me were going literally around the globe via the world wide web. Through these poems that are based on the Word of God, I am representing His Kingdom to whosoever will receive the signal from the satellite into their home.

Let me share another prophecy given to me while I was already suffering with Parkinson’s disease and I thought God was through with me.

 Elma Garlock , Pastor,  June 10, 2006

” …..  Daughter, do not think, that you are not physically able or capable.  But I say, Daughter,  I will cause you to birth that new thing in me, for I have placed the seeds of the prophetic in the womb of your spirit. I will cause that seed to rise up in you, and the strength shall come, the ability shall come, the anointing shall come,  Daughter, and I will cause you to minister to my people.  I will cause you to minister to my people, says the Spirit of God. For you will not be left out, you will not be put on a shelf, and you are not dis-qualified, but I say, you shall birth this thing within the womb of your spirit..….Daughter, your time is not at end., your time has just begun.  For I can do in you in a year, what many people don’t even accomplish in a lifetime…...” 

I have moved in the gift of prophecy during the years I served as worship leader and have received a few songs from the Lord prior to this present anointing.
It was not until
 November, 17, 2006 when another Poet Prophet laid hands on me to stir up this gift in me that I began to receive poems regularly. Ever since then the gift is still flowing like a river, Hallelujah!

It is my prayer that the words penned in my books and the poems posted on the website, will minister to you. They are sent by the Lord and will not return void unto Him.
The Lord told me the reason that He is raising up this gift in these last days, is, because the correction and rebuke He wants to communicate to His church is more “palatable” in the form of poetry.
May the shepherds and pastors be open to this beautiful gift and esteem it. If they are not recognizing this anointing, they will miss out and God will take it to the streets.

I have inserted these personal prophecies because they are coming to pass even now. I have published 4 books (3 of them poetry books) in 2 years. All the glory belongs to the Lord.,  HALLELUJAH!

Waltraud Zamorano








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