He Is Enough

Has your ship been battered
Has your life been tough
Only one thing really matters
And that is God’s love

When the storms get rough
His Love is enough
On the wings of a dove
He lifts you above

Although my body is worn
And my heart has been torn
By calling on Jesus
I have been reborn

Although with a disease
I am afflicted
My soul is at peace
It is not restricted

Like the eagle it soars
Higher and higher
Reaching Heaven’s shores
Touching God’s fire

Although by many a test
I have been sifted
It turned out for my best
And my spirit is lifted

Through deep darkness
I have come
But with God’s goodness
I have won

My hope is in Jesus
He gives me the song
His mercy never ceases
It makes me strong

Is there trouble in your life
Come to Jesus
He turns darkness into light
He makes everything alright

I Need You Today

O Jesus, sweet Jesus
How I love the stillness
Of the new day’s dawn
When I hear my spirit
Sing a brand new song

There is a holy hush
Before the day’s rush
Lord, whatever the task
Your guidance I ask

I need you to show me
The path I must trod
I need your mercy
Your comforting rod

I want to please you
And obey your command
Lord, I need you
To come and hold my hand

Yesterday is no more
What is done, is done
The future lies before
Your promises will come

O Jesus, sweet Jesus
You are the only one
Who lights up my life
Like the bright noon sun

Lord, I give you this test
My pain and all the rest
I know, if I persevere
At the end I’ll be blessed

Lord, this is my request
That throughout the day
You give me sweet rest
And light up my way

I know, in Your Light
All darkness must flee
And one more time
I wijl shout the victory



Get Up

Is there trouble all around you
Heavy chains that have bound you
Get up and praise God with the dance
And He will change your circumstance

Has somebody done you wrong
You and your neighbor can’t get along
Get up and praise God with a song
Instead of weak you will be strong

Have you been weeping all night
Have you been overcome with fright
Get up and turn your eyes on Christ
He will make everything alright

To get out of your misery
You must remember Calvary
Get up and shout the victory
Jesus died to set you are free

Whatever comes out of your mouth
Will determine how your life turns out
Whatever you sow is whet you reap
So keep your conversation sweet

He Will Restore


Blessed Hope

Blessed hope comes from above
From the Father’s endless Love
He brings sweet consolation
In the darkest situation

He will turn your eyes to Jesus
Who is the Promised One
From our chains He frees us
He is God’s only Son

He is the God of Hope
He will teach you how to cope
Reach out and touch His robe
Remember what He did for Job

There is healing in His wings
Deliverance He brings
Lift up your voice and sing
And let your praises ring

Trust God in everything
What He has promised
He will do in its season
His delay is for a reason

He will give you strength for today
And new hope for tomorrow
The garment of praise
In exchange for your sorrow

Any assault on our hope only serves in the end to add more mass to our hope muscles! Opposition to hope is to be expected, but the Lord will play His trump cards to reverse, often suddenly, the fortunes of His dear sons and daughters.”



Here In The Secret Place

Here in the secret place
Is where I like to be
Here I feel safe
I am free to be me

Here in your presence
Is where I want to stay
both night and day
Forever and always

Here I want to abide
Both day and night
In your shadow hide
Close to your side

Here in your arms
My soul is at rest
I am safe from all harm
O Lord, I am blessed

I forget my aches and pain
Fear and anxiety cannot remain
My spirit sings a new song
Instead of weak I am strong

O Lord, this is what I pray
Please hasten the day
When we are seated together
Forever and ever and ever

Until that blessed day is here
I will not waste any tears
I will continue to run my race
I bring the sacrifice of praise

He Is My Hope
© By: Walli Zamorano

There is only one God
He is the God of Love
He rules and reigns
From Heaven above

He is my Hope and anchor
He is my refuge at all times
He told me that He loves me
I am His and He is mine

There is only One
Who died for you
He is God’s only Son
He’s faithful and true

He is my Hope and anchor
He is my refuge at all times
He told me that He loves me
I am His and He is mine

His name is Jesus
He is the Messiah
He is the Christ
For our sin was crucified

He is my Hope and anchor
He is my refuge at all times
He told me that He loves me
I am His and He is mine

Hold onto Him
Don’t ever let go
What tomorrow may bring
We do not know


I Need You

O Lord, my sweet Lord
Please hear me, I pray
I need You, I need You
To brighten my day

My load is heavy,
My burden is great.
I need You, I need You
To light up my way.

My soul is weary,
My Joy is all gone.
I need You, I need You
To give me a song.

O Lord, my sweet Lord,
thanks for the new song.
My Joy is restored
and I am made strong.


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