Let It Bubble. 

There is a stirring deep inside
Joy and laughter I cannot hide
Rising Up, rising up
Filling and overflowing my cup

There may be weeping in the night
Joy comes with the morning light
Rising up, rising up
Filling and overflowing your cup

Though there is darkness everywhere
Joy will change the atmosphere
Rising up, rising up
Filling and overflowing your cup

We are in the last of the last days
Joy gives us His strength to praise
Rising up, rising up
Filling and overflowing our cup

Remember, the enemy’s ways are subtle
Rejoice and the Lord will bless you double
For all your misery and trouble
Just let the joy come up
Let it bubble, bubble, bubble


The Call Of The Watchman


I have called you a watchman on the wall
To intercede and to be faithful to your call
To sing the high praises aloud in one accord
To wield the two-edged sword of The Lord

I have called you to pray and to usher in
The soon coming of your Lord and King
Through worship and praying in tongues
Through prophetic words that are sung

I have called you to become my trumpet
To prepare the people for my soon return
To go and tell the good news of salvation
To every tribe, kindred and every nation

I have called you to proclaim to everyone
The news, the kingdom of God has come
This invisible, glorious kingdom of God
When you’re saved will rule in your heart

I have called you for the time of the end
When a mighty revival will shake your land
I am raising up vessels both young and old
Who have been tested and tried as fine gold

Get ready for the greatest outpouring yet
That’ll break out when people least expect
News of signs and wonders will be heard
The glory of the Lord will cover the earth

As fast as lightning flashes across the sky
So, suddenly! In the twinkling of an eye
You will see your king in the clouds on high
Coming down to fetch His eternal Bride

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Look up, your redemption is drawing nigh



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