By: Tom D Blakely

Awake, oh slothful camp awake!
How can we rest in war?
For battles rage outside the gate
While in the camp we cower.

If in the blood we have been washed
That takes our sins away;
Then by the Holy Spirit’s power
We live to fight each day.

So, rally to our Saviour’s call
And lift His standard high;
That all may see the blood-stained cross
Where Jesus came to die.

May God forbid that it be said
We wasted precious days.
Smash the gate that keeps us in
Break out and give God praise!

We all were in His briefing room
And heard our Captain’s call
He gave us orders, one by one;
Assignments for us all.

Awake, oh slothful camp awake!
We cannot rest in war?
Lest Christ returns and finds us here
When we should be out there!

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