I Am About To Roar


© By: Walli Zamorano


I am about to roar says the Lord
No longer will I stay silent
I will come to visit my church
Out of the midst of her
My roar will be heard

I will come in the power of my spirit
I will utter my voice so all may hear it
I will send forth my ambassadors
Equipped with my two-edged sword

I will judge the kingdoms of this world
By the plumbline of my written Word
I will sift them like wheat
Kings and Presidents shall bow at my feet

Who has suffered among you for my cause
Who has given their all without applause
My martyrs and my prisoners of the faith
Shall I visit in these days

I will come into there place
And wipe the tears from their face
I am moved with compassion
At their sacrifice of praise

Out of their midst I will roar
Like a mighty man of war
I will open up the prison door
Pain and suffering will be no more

Don’t you know it is harvest time
I am gathering all who are mine
Whose names are written in the Book of Life
Whose garments have been made white

My glory shall be seen
On the countenance of the redeemed
Who have been made clean
By the precious Blood of Jesus Christ
My only Son who became the sacrifice

He is the door that leads to eternal life
He is coming back to fetch His Bride
To rule and reign forever at His side

Get ready, all you servants of the Lord
When your praises are in one accord
Out of your belly you will hear me roar
I am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah

I am the Lord

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