Joy And Laughter

Joy And Laughter

There is holy laughter
In the kingdom of God
There is fullness of Joy
At home in your heart

Laughter is God’s remedy
To chase away the enemy
It will turn your captivity
And give you the victory

Laughter is good for you
It will chase away the blues
Helps you forget bad news
Puts on your dancing shoes

Laughter is God’s ointment.
For earth’s disappointment.
It’ll bring God’s presence in
And makes you worship Him

A merry heart is as medicine
For your body and your soul
It is like the balm of Gilead
It makes the wounded whole

Jesus says to you and me
Put on the garment of praise
Now is the time to be free
To triumph over the enemy

His joy will make you strong
To be able to forgive a wrong
God will give you a new song
You’ll be singing all day long

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