Give me a Song

Give me a Song

Give me a song, to hum along.
One that makes you smile, while going the extra mile.
It puts a spring in one’s step, while doing one’s best.
It gives laughter, one that brings joy to the Master.

Give me a song, to hum along.
With the joy of the Lord, in hand with the sword.
In Christ there is a song, let us hum along.
Awaken the day, hum along the way.

With the rising of the sun, let’s rejoice everyone.
When we face each new day, sing in a special way.
Hum, hum, hum along with a song.

We have a choice to rejoice.
Whether we have a song, or just want to hum along.
God is there and helps us to share,
His love, through Jesus above.

He brings joy to our hearts, in every morning as we start.
Looking to rejoice with gladness, to chase away the sadness.
When we draw near to our Lord, whom we adore,
Then His love shows through, as being true.

A faithful God, on our journey we trod.
Facing our trials for the day, in Jesus Christ we pray;
“Give us a song, to hum along.”

Written By Cinda M Carter August 14, 2013

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