Put Your House In Order


© By: Walli Zamorano

Put your house in order
Is what I hear the Father say
Cleanse your soul and spirit
That no filthiness may stay

Remember the story
Of the one who was forgiven
The great debt he owed
But who no mercy showed

Now is the time to take account
There is no time to fool around
Large or small it is not the amount
It is about your heavenly account

Unforgiveness keeps you bound
It will give the devil ground
To hang around
Repent and evict that evil hound

Let go and let forgiveness flow
Let no root of bitterness grow
Don’t you know
You will reap what you sow

Forgive and you shall be forgiven
That is what the scriptures say
If we want to go to�heaven
We must forgive seventy times seven

If necessary all in a single day
When Jesus cried out from the cross
Father, forgive them
For they know not what they do
He was talking about me and you

When an offense tries to come in
Let forgiveness flow and let Love cover
The sins of your sister and your brother

O Lord , if there is bitterness
Hidden down inside
Forgive us and restore
Our righteousness once more

The time of the Lord’s return
Is getting shorter and shorter
Now is the time
To put your house in order

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One Response to Put Your House In Order

  1. Tom says:

    In this poem there is a great single truth that we so often ignore these days, despite the gravity of this simple gospel message. We may even think we are living and maturing in the faith… but as Jesus said we cannot be even in fellowship with God! We pray and receive nothing; we are spiritually dead men walking. We were called by Jesus, we are known by His name, yet powerless because the Spirit of God is quenched in us. Why? Because we have forgotten the importance of RECONCILIATION. “Let go and let forgiveness flow, Let no root of bitterness grow, Don’t you know, You will reap what you sow.” This generation are guilty as charged. The gospel truth is that there will be no blessing until we put our house in order. God bless you for sharing this vital truth.

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