Jesus Calms The Sea



It was almost night
When Jesus and the disciples
Decided to take at ride
To the other side
Of the Sea of Galilee

At first the sea was calm
As calm could be
But soon a wind begin to blow
Up and down the boat would go

 They were being tossed to and fro
By the raging billows
While Jesus was
In the back of the boat
Sleeping on a pillow

 Master, save us
We are going to sink
The water is coming in
Help us we can’t swim

Then Jesus stood up
And stretched out his arm
And commanded the sea
To be calm 

He rebuked the disciples
And said,
Why are you afraid
You men of little faith 

The men were grateful
To the Master,
For saving them
From a terrible disaster

They all marveled
And stood in awe
At what they saw
The wind and the sea obeyed
The words that Jesus spake

 This is another miracle
Jesus wrought
To show the World
That he was the Son of God


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