Walk Circumspectly

© By: Walli Zamorano

Beloved, we are in the last days
We must finish our race
Being filled with God’s grace
Giving the devil no place

Walking circumspectly and wise
Staying away from compromise
Beware of the devil’s lies
Being alert at all times

Do not be moved by flattery
Rather be thankful for reproof
Flee from the world’s vanity
Be upright in all you do

Seek the Lord with all of your heart
From His path do not depart
His way is truth and righteousness
He wants us to walk in holiness

Without holiness no one can see God
That is what the Bible says
Clean hands and a contrite heart
Is what will set you apart

When offenses come
Remember what they have done
To God’s only begotten Son
And how forgiveness won

Do all things open in God’s eyes
Do all things honestly
Lift up the Name of Jesus Christ
Walking in love and integrity

Do not despise instruction
It will make you wise
When you walk in humility
You will gain the crown of life

Let us seek God’s face
Let us walk in His ways
We are in the last days
Let us give Him our highest praise


Jan. 21/2018


The Way

We are here today, and gone tomorrow
Given a span of years with joy or sorrow
Life is as a flower, It will quickly pass away
Let us love one another while it is still day

God, the Creator has a plan for everyone
By the death and resurrection of His Son
Man is restored to the way he was before
To have fellowship with God once more

Adam’s treason Is the only true reason
Why man has lost his God given identity
Because Adam and Eve were deceived
When Satan’s clever lies they believed

When they ate from the tree God forbade
Their eyes were opened, it was too late
For their rebellion there was no pardon
They were cast out from the Garden

Adam lost his God given authority
And took on the nature of the enemy
His sin is visited upon every generation
All of us are in need of God’s salvation

A long time before the world had begun
God made a plan how to rescue everyone
To come out of the kingdom of darkness
Into the kingdom of His dear Son

All you have to do is ask Jesus to come in
He will change you by His Spirit from within
Then God says to you “Go into all the earth
And preach the Gospel until all have heard”

There is no other way to receive eternal life
Then by the precious blood of Jesus Christ
To set us free, the Lamb of God was slain
Call on His name and you’ll be born again

Listen to His voice, you are given the choice
To follow Jesus and obey or go your own way
Both great and small are appointed once to die
After death comes the judgment of one’s life

It is time to quit wondering why you are here
The Salvation plan God offers us is very clear
If you have chosen Jesus you have chosen well
Without His blood there’s no escape from h…

Jesus is the Truth, The Way and the Life
All who believe in Him, will never ever die
















Are you walking in LOVE
Since born from above
Is there joy and peace
God delights in these

You can do nothing
All by yourself
In everything you do
You will need His help

Let LOVE be the motive
In whatever you do
Giving glory and honor
To Him, who it is due

LOVE is the law of Heaven
It is the heart of God
It is full of compassion,
Tells sickness to depart

LOVE is meek and humble
It is always kind
It reaches out to others
True LOVE is hard to find

Rejoice with your sister
And pray for your brother
This is His commandment
That you LOVE one another

LOVE sent Jesus to the cross
To shed His blood for the lost
To give us life eternal
No matter what the cost

Jesus’ LOVE has conquered
Death, hell and the grave
All who call on His Name
Will be gloriously saved

Search your heart today
Let no unforgiveness stay
Put your trust in Jesus
He will show you the way

Life is like a fading flower
It will quickly pass away
But God’s LOVE and power
Is forever here to stay




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