Are you walking in LOVE
Since born from above
Is there joy and peace
God delights in these

You can do nothing
All by yourself
In everything you do
You will need His help

Let LOVE be the motive
In whatever you do
Giving glory and honor
To Him, who it is due

LOVE is the law of Heaven
It is the heart of God
It is full of compassion,
Tells sickness to depart

LOVE is meek and humble
It is always kind
It reaches out to others
True LOVE is hard to find

Rejoice with your sister
And pray for your brother
This is His commandment
That you LOVE one another

LOVE sent Jesus to the cross
To shed His blood for the lost
To give us life eternal
No matter what the cost

Jesus’ LOVE has conquered
Death, hell and the grave
All who call on His Name
Will be gloriously saved

Search your heart today
Let no unforgiveness stay
Put your trust in Jesus
He will show you the way

Life is like a fading flower
It will quickly pass away
But God’s LOVE and power
Is forever here to stay




Wake-up Call
By: Walli Zamorano

I can hear a wake-up call
echoing from heaven’s hall!
“Get ready, get ready,
one and all,
My Glory is about to fall.”

Rejoice, rejoice,
and make a joyful noise!
The time has come,
when God will pour out His Spirit
on his daughters and his sons.

The old man shall have a dream
and by the younger men
visions shall be seen.
They will all begin to prophesy
and there’ll be wonders in the sky.

His Word will be heard
all around the earth,
to prepare the heart of everyone
for the returning of His Son.

Be alert, and give heed to His call.
Get ready, get ready
His Glory is about to fall!


Arise, Arise


Arise, You chosen generation!
You are a royal priesthood,
a peculiar people, a holy nation!
Man your battle station!

Arise from your sleep, O church.
The heavenly host is on alert,
to hearken to the voice of His Word,
to minister for the heirs of salvation.

Arise from your slumber
Can you hear God thunder?
Now is the time
to build on the foundation
of the constitution of our nation

Now is the time to plant
seeds of righteousness again.
It is time to make a stand
for Truth and Justice in our land.

To root out and to pull down,
to throw down and to destroy,
to expose the enemy’s ploy.

Can you hear the chariots rattle?
Get ready for the final battle.
Put on t he armor of the Lord,
and brandish the two-edged sword.

Can you hear the Lion roar
leading His troops into war?
The Lord of hosts is He,
leading the Church to victory.

Arise, take up the cross of Christ
Shake off the chain of compromise,
choose your side and do what’s right
and you will win this fight.

Arise, again I say, ARISE!

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